Creator of exotic and luxurious adornments

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. My Dad, an adventurer was happiest in his gut-smeared fishing shorts. My Mum was an “English Rose”, a fashionista and Interior Designer. It was a merry dance.

I am a traveller and have lived my life on four continents: Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. I managed a few accomplishments along the way– a Masters Degree, a career producing major International Spectacles such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of World Expo 1986 and, trickiest of all, the raising of 2 children. Whenever I become reflective, I think of life with a wry smile.

Now at the beginning of my seventh decade I am moving forward into new territory, reinventing myself as a Jewelery Designer. My mother’s “eye’ trained me to seek out beauty, even in the most unsuspecting places and my father’s “spirit” challenged me to travel, usually alone, to exotic and demanding locations in particular Bali, Morocco, Mexico, Rajasthan and Tibet where I have collected many of the components of my pieces.

My jewellery reflects the yin/yang of my upbringing – the gritty and the pretty! The corner “stones” of my pieces are usually big honking rocks but they are interwoven with softness and delicacy, so that the overall effect is bold and adventurous, raw and refined.